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The Fun Life of a Quilting Educator

I love my job as a free-lance quilting educator. Most times I can set my own hours and travel to meet old friends and new ones at the different shops and shows I visit. And sometimes, my schedule has me running a little crazy! Still fun but way more demanding and interesting. This fall is one of those times. My schedule isn't endless but it's jam-packed with new adventures I can't wait to get here!

Did you hear? I'm teaching at AQS Fall Paducah. I've taught a lot of classes; I've taught at the International Quilt Festival; but I can't wait to see what it's like teaching at the mecca that is Paducah, Kentucky--the home of the American Quilters Society and their amazing museum. It's like joining the ranks of the wonderful quilters we rejoice over as our historical foundation. I hope I do it honor!

Soon after my trip to Paducah, I'll be traveling to Shanghai, China to visit a quilt show at the Shanghai Mart. Someone pinch me! I've taught in Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and now to visit a quilt show in Shanghai! It's too amazing for words! I'm looking forward to meeting fellow quilters and seeing all that Shanghai has to offer.

And let's not forget, working the Houston International Quilt Festival for Handi Quilter, working the new AQS Virginia Beach show for Superior Threads, and teaching in Connecticut, West Virginia, Indiana, Texas and Florida! I've got my running shoes on and I'm gearing up to hit the road!

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